What's Your Travel Type? Find Out and Plan Your Perfect Trip

What's Your Travel Type? Find Out and Plan Your Perfect Trip
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Do you love traveling but don't know where to go next? Do you want to plan a trip that suits your personality and preferences? Do you want to have some fun and learn something new?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place. In this blog post, we will help you find out your travel type and plan your perfect trip. All you have to do is take a simple and quick quiz and get your results. Then, we will give you some awesome recommendations for destinations and activities that fit your type. Sounds good? Let's get started!


To find out your travel type, just answer these 10 questions honestly and choose the option that best describes you. There are no right or wrong answers, just your personal preferences. Ready? Go!

  1. What is your favorite way to travel?
  • A) By plane, the faster the better
  • B) By train, the more scenic the better
  • C) By car, the more flexible the better
  • D) By boat, the more relaxing the better
  • E) By bike, the more eco-friendly the better
  1. What kind of accommodation do you prefer?
  • A) A luxury hotel, the more amenities the better
  • B) A boutique hotel, the more charm the better
  • C) A hostel, the more social the better
  • D) A resort, the more pampering the better
  • E) A campsite, the more nature the better
  1. What kind of activity do you enjoy the most?
  • A) An adventure sport, the more adrenaline the better
  • B) A cultural visit, the more learning the better
  • C) A food tour, the more tasting the better
  • D) A wellness session, the more relaxation the better
  • E) A nature hike, the more exploration the better
  1. What kind of souvenir do you like to bring back from your trips?
  • A) A gadget, the more useful the better
  • B) A painting, the more artistic the better
  • C) A spice, the more flavorful the better
  • D) A candle, the more soothing the better
  • E) A shell, the more natural the better
  1. What kind of music do you like to listen to on your trips?
  • A) Rock, the more energetic the better
  • B) Jazz, the more sophisticated the better
  • C) Pop, the more catchy the better
  • D) Classical, the more calming the better
  • E) Folk, the more authentic the better
  1. What kind of book do you like to read on your trips?
  • A) A thriller, the more suspenseful the better
  • B) A biography, the more inspiring the better
  • C) A cookbook, the more delicious the better
  • D) A romance, the more heartwarming the better
  • E) A travel guide, the more informative the better
  1. What kind of movie do you like to watch on your trips?
  • A) An action, the more explosive the better
  • B) A documentary, the more enlightening the better
  • C) A comedy, the more hilarious the better
  • D) A drama, the more emotional the better
  • E) An adventure, the more exciting the better
  1. What kind of people do you like to meet on your trips?
  • A) Locals, the more friendly the better
  • B) Experts, the more knowledgeable the better
  • C) Chefs, the more skilled the better
  • D) Therapists, the more helpful the better
  • E) Travelers, the more adventurous the better
  1. What kind of scenery do you like to see on your trips?
  • A) Mountains, the more majestic the better
  • B) Cities, the more vibrant the better
  • C) Markets, the more colorful the better
  • D) Beaches, the more serene the better
  • E) Forests, the more green the better
  1. What kind of motto do you live by on your trips?
  • A) Live fast, die young
  • B) Carpe diem
  • C) Eat, pray, love
  • D) Hakuna matata
  • E) The journey is the destination


Now that you have answered all the questions, it's time to find out your travel type. Just count how many times you chose each option (A, B, C, D, or E) and see which one you chose the most. Then, read the description of your travel type and some suggestions for destinations and activities that match your type.

  • If you chose mostly A, you are an Adventurer. You love to challenge yourself and seek thrilling experiences. You are not afraid of heights, speed, or danger. You enjoy activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, rafting, or skiing. You are always looking for new and exciting destinations to explore. Some destinations that fit your type are New Zealand, Costa Rica, Nepal, or South Africa. Some activities that fit your type are ziplining, surfing, paragliding, or safari.
  • If you chose mostly B, you are a Culture Vulture. You are fascinated by the history, art, and traditions of different cultures. You like to visit museums, galleries, monuments, and temples. You enjoy learning about the local customs, languages, and religions. You appreciate the diversity and richness of the world. Some destinations that fit your type are Italy, Japan, Egypt, or Mexico. Some activities that fit your type are museum tours, pottery classes, pyramid visits, or salsa dancing.
  • If you chose mostly C, you are a Foodie. You are passionate about food and drinks. You like to try new and exotic dishes, flavors, and ingredients. You are curious about the origins and stories behind the food. You enjoy visiting markets, restaurants, cafes, and bars. You savor every bite and sip of your travel experience. Some destinations that fit your type are France, Thailand, India, or Peru. Some activities that fit your type are food tours, cooking classes, wine tastings, or street food festivals.
  • If you chose mostly D, you are a Relaxer. You like to unwind and relax on your trips. You are not interested in rushing from one place to another. You prefer to stay in comfortable and cozy accommodations. You enjoy activities like sunbathing, swimming, spa, or yoga. You value your peace and tranquility. Some destinations that fit your type are Maldives, Hawaii, Bali, or Greece. Some activities that fit your type are massage, meditation, snorkeling, or sunset cruise.
  • If you chose mostly E, you are an Explorer. You are curious and adventurous, but not in a risky way. You like to discover new places, but also respect the environment and the locals. You enjoy activities like hiking, biking, camping, or wildlife watching. You are always ready for an adventure, but also prepared for any situation. Some destinations that fit your type are Canada, Iceland, Australia, or Brazil. Some activities that fit your type are kayaking, glacier walking, kangaroo feeding, or rainforest trekking.


Congratulations, you have found out your travel type and some amazing destinations and activities that match your type. We hope you had fun and learned something new. Now, you can plan your perfect trip with confidence and excitement.

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